Sunday, 7 November 2010


Way back in the fifties
single Mothers were few
you had to be married
if pregnancy went through.

Women were spurned
if promiscuous in that day
tongues would wag hurtingly
people had a lot to say.

Children freely aborted
by women too scared
the stigma overbearing
if they were not prepared.

Abortions performed illegally
in dirty back streets
the methods often gruesome
no doctors there to treat.

Many women died
rather than face a life
de botched operations performed
often by someone's wife.

This all happened for real
imagine if it was today?
it would be called MURDER
the amateurs would surely pay.

Was watching a drama the other night on TV called Vera Drake, a touching tale of the early fifties when a woman took it upon herself to perform backstreet abortions using primitive methods, it came to light when one of her, customers, ended up in hospital, the Woman was ignorant as another lady who put her in touch with the girls was making money out of the abortions, very sad, but it did happen, in an age were women could not have kids out of wedlock. The lady got 2 years, this was drama but probably true to life in those days.

Do you agree with abortion?

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