Thursday, 4 November 2010


Students protest at LSE

What is the point
of being educated?
costing the Earth
sense descicrated.

Hundreds of youngsters
clever and bright
might find the budgets
terribly tight!

Whats wrong with this Government
are they going mad?
crippling all around us
making us mad?

Britian was the forefront
of the learned child
and now rising fees
will drive us wild.

It is ok for the rich
they have the means
but the working class family
are irrelivant it seems!

Education should be free
or cheaper for the kids
change your mind
lift of the lids.

Very soon we will see
pupils leaving this land
for cheaper education
not readily at hand.

Be careful what you do
because the time will come
when we vote with our fingers
it will be goodbye for some.

The Tories are a joke
lets get rid of them
before they destroy us
with their bile and flem.

The recent news indicated the tutition fees for children going to University will go up to as much as 9000.00 pounds per year, this is preposterous and once again another indication of things to come, we can only hope this Government gets ousted at the next General Election but I am interested to see what damage they will do whilst in Power? 

What are your views?

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