Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Once again we near the time
when money grows on trees
the festive season comes so quick
but for some it aint no breeze.

Money has to be spent
be it credit, loans or cash
gifts cost the Earth these days
but try not to be rash.

We always try yearly
to give our kids the best
but finances strained, money tight
for adults comes the test.

These days things cost the Earth
not like they did yesteryear
the surprise we had opening our gifts
whilst shedding a happy tear.

But for kids today it has to be big
or sadness fills the air
laptops, games and mp3's
if they don't get them then life isn't fair.

But for the poorest of families
credit is a must
shops all give but get more in return
interest charged in disgust.

Paying for years for a Happy time
may be the only way
try to be frugal but enjoy the time
and have a happy day.

As we near the festive period again its a time when people borrow to the hilt to give their kids a Happy Christmas, many poor families have no choice but to get credit to pay for their day, sadly its in your face, on tv, newspapers, radio, you cannot escape it, and everyone wants the very best for their kids at Christmas, but at what cost?

Do you spend a lot at Christmas? 

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