Monday, 1 November 2010


Sunday comes and goes
you get everything done
hopefully you are prepared
before the setting sun.

The day was really relaxin
just you and a glass of wine
you dont even think about Monday
it sends shivers down your spine.

Sunday evenin comes
and you get a feeling of dread
nearly time to say goodbye
to Sunday then head for bed.

You wake up in the morning
turning the alarm of several times
but finally you throw the covers
to the sound of alarm chimes.

Still half asleep you stumble
heading for the shower
wishing you won the lottery
while battling the waters power.

Then you head for the kitchen
eyes still glazed shut
reaching for the coffee cup
scratchin your itchy butt.

The news as always is dreadful
listening with only one ear
you think about the day ahead
dreading it with fear.

Once you become almost human
you leave the comfort of home
get in the car and drive away
with a mouthful of toothpaste foam.

Mondays are a dread for all
its weird how you perceive this
but the rest of the week aint better
except for the weekend you miss.

Everyone dreads a Monday morning, do not understand why, because the rest of the working week isnt any better, but its Monday we all dread after a great weekend.

Do you like Mondays?

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