Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Muggings are rife ,old folks scared
murder is common, issues are flared
alcohol rampant, drugs are abused
jails full of people guilty, accused.

Shopkeepers terrified, windows are barred
faces all torn ,ripped or scarred
children are hanging around all night
facing all people ,often they fight.

Anti- social behaviour alive in our day
people are nervous and dare not say
Police are overstretched, taxes are high
does anyone care? except you and I?

Gangs hanging around streets, young folks with too much time on thier hands, and whos fault is it? thiers? ours? well its partly both, we were all young at one time, high unemployment, nothing for the kids to do causes a lot of anti social behaviour, what can we do? Educate the kids further give them reasons to be alive, jobs, activities, there are an element of young people who do nothing to cause grief so we must also respect that not all youngsters cause Anti social behaviour.

Are you or someone you know affected by this? would love your views..

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