Saturday, 9 October 2010


In life we have to make choices
sometimes right or wrong, it depends
but we are the ones who will suffer
wrong decisions, may set new trends.

We have all made mistakes in life
without them we wouldn't be normal
sacrifices we often make
be it for real or sometimes informal.

So why do people get upset
when clearly it hurts only you?
are they so wrapped up in themselves
that they can hardly see through.

Be it for real or maybe by chance
that it can affect more than you
circumstance will dictate the outcome
for this can only be true.

Set aside selfishness in life
people can thrive on a bitter past
remember one life is all you get
live it to the full and have a blast.

Worry is a human trait
sadness can thrive on a lonely heart
its better to be treat others with respect
be yourself and that's a good start.

Sometimes in life we make decisions, not always the right ones but we do, Humanity is a life long battle you may win the fight but not the war, Some people take life too seriously which results in worry, worry takes many forms and once you get into a worry habit it affects not only your life but others around you, it doesnt always mean you have to fret about decisions made by someone, because that someone decides their own fate.

Do you worry about others? if so why?

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