Thursday, 21 October 2010


The frost is once again here
bitter ice fills the air
Summer truly over
days partly dark but fair.

Children wrapped in scarves
warm breathe turns to ice
flowers drooping on stalks
shrubs don't look so nice.

Leaves swirl in windy dance
gathering piles on the ground
Gardeners puffing in anger
profanities the only sound.

Litter flying like kites
blowing all over the place
landing like aimed missiles
on some unprotected face!

Trees Barron branches clear
resting for another season
conkers amassing on the ground
hardening to the point of freezin.

Autumn comes and goes so fast
Winter seems to last forever
cold snaps come and last a while
its the beauty of our weather.

Here we are once again, Winter is upon us, the time to wrap up warm and remember those who do not have shelter, or the elderly who cannot afford to pay to keep themselves warm, think of those people when you turn up your Central Heating and enjoy the basic thing man should have and that is warmth :) 

Do you  like Winter?

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