Thursday, 14 October 2010


When I need you
you never turn up
you shy away
like a tiny pup.

I wait ages 
but your never appear
I grow poor
and tremble in fear.

But when you come
life is a joy
like child with a new
shiny toy.

Like a bus
I wait for a while
then two comes
and always in style.

So its patience
I should have had
you never deserted me
now that aint bad.

Thanks for coming
I'm glad you are here
mouths are fed
and maybe a beer!

Bills to pay
your head above water
work to survive
for your son and daughter.

Never take for granted
as jobs are now rare
its not about experience
or if they are fair.

Life is funny, one moment you cannot find work, then the next two or three jobs appear as if by magic, its all about patience, I believe there is work out there if you APPLY yourself, but its a strange World were you never know what is around the corner, or if fate has lent you a hand?

Have you ever had two or three opportunities come along at the same time?

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