Sunday, 24 October 2010


Darkness surrounds
like a tunnel without light
screams can be heard
it was the fright!

Clambering in black dust
like children in sand
arms legs and bodies
a desperate hand.

Where is the light
none can be found
moaning, grasping
an awkward sound.

Coughing, spluttering
bodies all around
reaching for help
lying on the ground.

Can anyone help us?
are we alone?
clawing the dirt
to the finger bone.

Will we die?
does anyone care?
shouting loudly
no one there.

No food or water
just men and tools
we knew this would happen
we were not fools.

Wounded lay dying
no medicines to give
all we pray for
is the hope we will live.

Months later
help is at hand
people do care
the site is manned.

Free at last
with the will of man
tireless graft
doing all they can.

Terror unfurled
thinking back
from the dark lonely mines
that turned to black.

We all empathize with the poor miners who were trapped hundreds of feet down in a mine shaft, and we are thankful they finally got rescued, but can we imagine what they went through all that time? does not bear thinking about. To all the men/women who fought hard to free those guys, bravo, you are the best.

What disasters have you experienced ;)

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