Wednesday, 27 October 2010


It was said
she coped very well
diagnosed with no one
to tell.

For years she knew
something was wrong
when she awoke
there was no song.

Her moods were
as dark as night
her temper flared
like a rockets light.

Her appetite grew less
then stopped
all this time
the weight had dropped.

She had no reason
or will to live
nothing helped
no motive to give.

Family and friends
never understood
they assumed it was
down to her mood.

With help
she learned how to live
and in time
she knew she could give.

After some months
her situation improved
people began to understand
and were quite moved.

She fought the demons
in her head
at crisis point
she thought she was dead.

Now enjoying life
this lady has survived
things on the up
she has thrived.

Mental health issues are more and more on the up, many people just put it down to stress and do not seek help, because they fear they are mad, this is not the case as they need to talk about the issues and face them with help.

Do you know anyone suffering with Mental Health issues?

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