Sunday, 17 October 2010


He is fat
she is thin
why is that guy
scrounging through the bin?

He is ugly
she is old
he is nasty
her heart is of gold.

He is cheeky
she is rude
he is hungry
she has no food.

He is a thief
she has a child
he is a nuisance
she runs wild.

He is a Monster
she cries loud
he wants  his daddy
she wants to be proud.

He is a fireman
she is a nurse
he is a criminal
she stole a purse.

He takes drugs
she smokes weed
he sells the TV set
she needs a feed.

Boys will be boys
girls are sweet
friends are always there
and new ones we meet.

This World is different
no one the same
we learn to accept
swallow the shame.

If man was meant to be a robot, he would have had batteries instead of a brain!

Do you accept difference?

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