Saturday, 23 October 2010


In a World of serious issues
trivialities win the day
people have much to talk about
everyone has the right to say.

I agree people should protest
if they feel that is the only way
but violence solves nothing
it does nothing on the day.

We all have the right to shout
make ourselves heard in the crowd
sometimes you need a loudspeaker
to be heard clearly and loud.

The public if in unity
can be powerful in numbers
the officials then take notice
and come out of their slumbers.

Petitions are very strong
if handled democratically
signing that piece of paper
can seal that deal emphatically.

So be peaceful in your fight
handle yourself with respect
then officials have to take notice
and your are politically correct.

It is a shame that the people of France have adopted violence in their protests for raising the retirement age a few years, while I empathize with them, I do not think violence is the answer, wars have been fought and lost with such ideals.

What do you think about protests :)

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