Saturday, 30 October 2010


In the black of night
it can be seen
not only on days
such as Halloween.

Lurking in trees
waiting to pounce
scared of nothing
weighing an ounce.

Trees rustle
winds are high
storms fearful
would make you cry.

Who does it want?
man or child?
in the night
free and wild.

It will enter your dreams
day and night
chill you to the bone
ogre of fright.

What does it look like
no one knows
where it comes from
how it grows.

Be scared as you sleep
you may never survive
you may be the lucky one
who stays alive.

They call it a conscience
we all have one
be careful ,keep it safe
don't let it run!!

As the witching hour nears, the clocks go back in the UK its time again for ghosts ghouls and goblins to run amok, I chose the most feared subject of all, more feared than any ghost or ghoul it is called a conscience,this can frighten the strongest of people, we all have one, we use it from time to time, HAPPY HALLOWEEN READERS...

Have you ever had a conscience?

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