Monday, 25 October 2010


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Another tragedy strikes
a boy of young age
a teenager gunned down
has caused outrage.

Balaclava men
shot into the crowd
the noise was deafening
piercingly loud.

So why were they shot at?
what was the reason
going around in gangs
chillin and breezin.

Gun crime is high
nothing being done
kids being shot
our daughters and son.

The law is a joke
Ministers sit back
worried about finances
heroin and crack.

It is time to shout out
before more are killed
gun crime is shocking
no one is thrilled.

Another young death
hopeless waste of life
violence is growing
trouble and strife.

Bring back beat bobbies
liaise with the young
no more death marches
should be played or sung.

Sadly, another young guy was shot in the UK, gun crime is at an all time high but who is doing anything about it? Its time this Money grabbing Government got off their asses and dealt with the REAL issues instead of worrying about money, life obviously means nothing to them.

Do you think Governments do enough to fight against crime?

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