Friday, 29 October 2010


How did I get this way
cold,damp and alone?
years ago I was active
could do things on my own.

I look out of the window
and watch the children play
I used to go and see them
when I had my way.

Cannot afford the bills
I have no heat in here
I am scared to go outside
I live my life in fear.

I worked hard all my life
never got anything for free
no family there for me
no friends to watch over me.

Housebound and alone
too old to get around
all my friends have passed away
nothing here, not a sound.

Letters piling up
bills pouring in
you see it on the tv
oldies causing a din.

Neighbours do not care
if I live or die
to them I am the old lady
no one visits ,they just go by.

Even the trick or treaters
don't come near my door
dilapidated as it is
it was never like that before.

I see the children playing
some of them look my way
in a cold glance they stare at me
then go about their day.

I feel so cold,my bones all ache
shivering deep inside
but they won't beat me as long as I breathe
all I have left is my pride.

No heating for this old girl
shall just wrap up in bed
thats were I get warmth these days
who cares if I am not fed?

I wish I could just pass away
be less burden to the state
I am old now and useless
still no one knows my fate!.

The kids still play, wrapped up warm
maybe one of them will stop by
until they do I must battle on
or may crumple up and die!

More and more elderly people suffer at this time of the year from hypothermia, because they cannot afford the massive fuel bills winter brings, yes in this country they do get a heating grant but it is a pittance, especially when they have very little to live on in the first place.
This Government we are under, whilst cutting everything from Public Services to benefits do so without remorse, or care for the people who fought wars to make this country what it is today.Spare a thought for the elderly this year, if you know an elderly person on their own, stop by, say hello, and offer support, it could be your mum or dad, or grandparents.

Do you know any elderly person who is like this lady?

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