Tuesday, 19 October 2010


The road was long and boring
nothing but fields to view
on a monotomous dreary road
have an energy drink, maybe a few.

Driving in a concentrated state
your mind is always alert
things can happen suddenly
you have to be an expert.

Animals or kids
can pop out from anywhere
no matter how fast your going
always take care.

Still the road is mundane
wary to change your disc
another driver putting on makeup
this ads to the risk.

Watch carefully in your mirror
be patient with other cruisers
people who have road rage
are mostly all losers.

Dangerous driving can kill
because you don't concentrate!
better being safe than sorry
before it is too late.

Keep your speed to a minimum
when nearing any schools
children come out excited
they don't care about the rules.

For some driving is a living
but for many its a to b
stick to the highway code
its there for all to see.

At the end of the day
your in a "killing" machine
but with careful, safe driving
you will always be seen.

Too many people these days are involved in car accidents, many of them caused by reckless drivers, the other day I was driving down the road and this woman cut me off at the roundabout, when I got her attention I noticed she was busy putting on her eye liner in the car using her mirror, I was angry, she could have killed someone, but she didn't care, drivers like that should not be allowed on the road.

Are you a good driver? are you patient?

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