Friday, 22 October 2010


Hospitals running down
streets paved with litter
Public Services slashed
nothing is made of glitter.

The poor getting thrashed
benefits to be revised
cuts here and there
and the Tory's are despised

They blame the last Government
because of the crisis they left
everyone blaming each other
has left this Country bereft.

The scenario always the same
the rich people thrive these days
while poor people get shafted
in more than many ways.

Pensioners cannot get warm
sick people asked to work?
what is this Country coming to
Government is a Burke!

What will be left for our kids?
when cuts are down to the bone
who will help them survive?
with nothing left to own.

Its all very well having cuts
but Ministers wages are high
expenses are paid by the public
paid by you and I!

Government get a grip
listen to yourself
people are sick to the stomach
of the greed of your wealth.

This Government we are under are screwing us tight to the ground, keep the poor poorer and the rich richer, as far as I am concerned that has always been the meaning of Conservative. We never learned from the Thatcher Years, she promised everyone everything and sold everything of to private sectors so there was nothing left, when will we ever learn?

What party do you support?

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