Saturday, 16 October 2010


In a World of utter contempt
the limelight is stolen once more
what is happening on this planet
open your mind and let it explore.
Hatred still has a major part
I suppose they are a minority
goodness finds a way to defeat
and take priority.
What difference does any of this make
why do people act this way
time and time it happens too much
each and every day.
color, sex, or creed
religion , or politics discussed
who really cares about the bureaucracy
is important or a must?
Be brave, embrace everyone
no matter their sexual choice
and so what if they are coloured
everyone has a voice.
We grow tired of bigots and racists
in this millennium, give it a rest
more important things to worry about
going through life is a test.
So welcome everyone as a friend
show this awsome World you care
no matter the color or religion
let them live and always be fair.

Was reading an article today and it was about a colored person being treated unfairly, not in this Country (UK) but in another Country, I still cannot believe there is so much prejudice out there, when will this ever end?

Have you been involved in bigotry?

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