Monday, 18 October 2010


Your in my head
won't leave me alone
give me shivers
right to the bone.

You make me cough
my lungs on fire
my nose runs constant
I want to retire!

My body aches
No comfort for me
go away fever
let me be.

I awake with you there
like a leech on skin
my appetite failing
I may get thin!

I need some medicine
your sticking to me
leave me alone
let me be.

I cannot taste
my senses dulled
why take over me?
I want you annulled.

No cure for you
I will have to wait
its in Gods hand
he seals my fate.

When I awake
I want you gone
your evil germs
the devils spawn.

Tissues at the ready
medicine at my side
you won't beat me
I have my pride.

I have had the Mother of all head colds, all of a sudden it got worse, and in this day and age surprisingly we still do not have the cure for the common cold.
It isnt a major thing just annoying, you feel as if you have done ten rounds with a boxer.

Have you battled with the cold yet?

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