Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I look in the mirror
and what do I see
old fat and ugly
that just is not me.

I wish I had millions
to change how I look
be like a celebrity
like in that book.

I would change my face
take away my age
I would be happy
live without rage.

Get plastic surgery
a tuck here and there
reshape my nose
be proud when I'm bare.

But what do I see
an unattractive soul
no one will love me
like a Motherless foal.

Beauty is neccasary
for this day and age
for people to notice
for them to engage.

I pick up the brochure
get myself in debt
to make myself "normal"
I have no regret.

But I know this won't happen
and stay this way I must
looking at my body
in utter disgust.

Makeup is essential
to hide my fears
to stop the pain
hide the tears.

There will come a time
when I must face the truth
I will never be beautiful
and here is the proof.

Too many people these days rely on beauty products to enhance their looks, they cannot go anywhere without cosmetics, its a daily routine, worse still are people who try to buy beauty, by either disfiguring themselves with surgery or getting "boob jobs" statistics dictate too many women these days die with  implants, bursting inside them etc, it is very sad, something in the mind must trigger some belief they are not perfect, even when loved ones or friends tell them they are.

Do you believe in cosmetic surgery? and how far would you go to strive for perfection?

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