Tuesday, 6 July 2010


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This story is about a couple who met and fell in love many years ago.
Through no fault of their own they have been unable to get on with their lives. Struggle after struggle dilemma after dilemma the couple are unable to settle down for there is a deep mystery engulfing Lily, and Demetrius tries hard to get to the bottom of it. One person who is faithful to Demetrius is Lucky a hound who has had a bad life but now is protected by
Demetrius. Read about the trials and tribulations of this couple.
I dedicate this book to my friends on poets.com who have inspired me
helped me and made this serial come to life. There are too many to name
here but you all know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


He sat in the corner supping his drink
Lonely all on his own
His dog lay by his side all night
Chewing on his ragged bone.

How did he become a man in solitude?
Not a friend to his name
Others  playing cards around him
No one offers him a game.

The barmaid leans on the old bar top
Glancing around her domain
Wondering what it would have been like
If she had found her fame.

A beautiful woman twenty years ago
A chance to be an actress so fine
But her life became engulfed with vice,
gambling ,and fine wine.

Lost her looks now, thinking about
A past that was rosy and secure
Knowing when she was just seventeen
Her life was comfortable and pure.

The lonely man stands and beckons his dog
To move to the door and go home
But first they venture out for a walk
And around the streets they roam.

The barmaid rings her bell on the bar
And points to the clock on the wall
Another night over in her quiet little inn
for the last time she lets out her call.

The card game ends the men all leave
With women following hand in hand
The smoke begins to clear ,atmosphere normal
Thinking the night was just grand.

Main lights out the jukebox quiet
She collects glasses and sweeps the floor
Her lot is a happy one her life is complete
As she hurries towards the door.


I decided to post my Inn of happiness stories in poetic form, here for all to read, these are two published books I have out and I hope you enjoy them, please come back tomorrow for part two and so on..

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