Sunday, 4 July 2010


I am in awe
at how you look
well prepared
at how you cook.

The food looks
like a piece of art
who would believe
how you did start.

So tasty and hot you are
the best food today by far
plates empty and ready for more
not ready yet to go out the door.

The starter was a dream its true
beautiful to the eye ,a treat
I feel bad eating you now
sitting back on my seat.

The steak was beautifully done
it melted  in each new bite
the potatoes were roasted perfectly
the vegetables just right.

And now for the final course
a plethora of fruit and cheese
yes I will have some more
try and stop me PLEASE.

I leave full and content
the meal was deliciously done
an artist would have been proud of it
the day was superbly fun.

There is nothing nicer than a fine meal, if cooked properly it leaves you satisfied, when you go out to a restaurant you want the best and if you get it, its well worth the money.

Do YOU go out to eat a lot? if so what is your favourite?

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