Monday, 5 July 2010


The excitement is awsome
the stage is set
what do I buy this time
what will I get?

I bid and bid
and wait with surprise
millions of people
bidding before my eyes.

I want this item
will wait and see
if someone will bid
against me.

Nothing so far
the clock is going slow
the item still mine
minutes to go.

I wait and wait
my nerves are frayed
staring at the screen
looking dismayed.

Final seconds going
wait a fresh bid
I try to place another bone
a buyer that hid.

Too late now 
the item has gone
wasted all this time
frowned upon.

Oh well maybe
next time will be my day
you win some you lose some
is all I can say !!

I am a lover of  EBAY, for years I have been buying stuff from there and apart from one bad experience which was partly my naivety I have had good times, I collect 12 inch figures, have a glass display cabinet full of them but from time to time I like to buy more and have bought a few this week, been pretty lucky on my bids but sometimes they get away, but thats the fun of it all, I have to add its not a regular thing as money isnt as free as it used to be lol, but not being a heavy drinker or gambler I am entitled to my little hobby, right?

Do you use EBAY to buy things? what do you like about it?

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1 comment:

  1. Hi, William. I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit on Twitter and finally made my way to your blog, and you have so much wonderful content going on here, I'm impressed. :)

    As for Ebay, I did buy a few things there some years ago. Mostly vintage Pyrex, if I remember rightly. It just seemed like a lot of work for such a tiny return. Plus, there was the excitement/disappointment factor, and I'm not really fond of experiencing emotional extremes. You've captured both so well in your poem.

    So it's not my thing. But to each his own!


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