Saturday, 3 July 2010


Bric a brac shoes and clothes
anything that you don't want
trying to get rid of them
will stay there to haunt.

We do not take these items
the charity shop will say
try another place
we may take them some day!

I want to make money
but do not want certain things
like that old standard lamp
or the ornament of the lady who sings.

So what is the point of me?
am I here to help the needy
I will pick and choose what I want
because I am so greedy.

So take your well used items
and throw them in the dump
now I am wondering why this country
is faced with a financial slump.

In the UK we have millions of charity shops, they collect money for third world countries by selling unwanted items,but today when I tried to give them a 32 inch tv, they refused it, saying people do not want the older tvs these days? the tv was in  perfect working order and would have done a young family starting out or a student, and yet they refused it? so now, I will NEVER ever give to charity again because the whole point of charity is to give, and if some organizations wont accept then they spoil it for others. oh and yeah the tv was put to the dump? what a waste eh.

Have you ever tried to give something away to charity and they refused it??

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