Saturday, 26 June 2010


He sits on his well used chair
looking out the window each day
pleased with his life or existence
having nothing positive to say.

Called before the dole each week
to sign on for his welfare cheque.
turning up his nose to jobs
having the attitude of "what the heck"

Never worked a day in his life
sent on training but not lasting long
having excuses on why he can't go
ignorant if its right or wrong.

Knowing full well there is work
he deliberately sabotages his chance
to make something of his life
being stubborn by taking a stance.

Self respect is an alien word
as he accepts his weekly cash
not realising his friends all tease him
"get a job, give it a bash"

Still he sits back and argues his case
there is no work out there for me
yes the Government make it easy
for all the World to see.

There is a lot of people out there who can work but won't, for some reason they feel they cannot find work, but if they really try harder it is there. I was out of work for 6 months, this was the first since I left school, it drove me crazy, I was delighted when I found my current job, but that was with attending many interviews, looking on job sites and having an agency looking for me.
I am not dissing the genuine people who cannot find work for various reasons this is dedicated to those who simply do not want to work, I cannot imagine that life, but some people seem to thrive on it .

What would you be like if you did not work???

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