Sunday, 20 June 2010


When you were here
my life was content
although we argued 
you were heaven sent.

Now I am alone
no one to care
dreading life
knowing its not fair.

My family
live far away
yes I call them
but they have nothing to say.

Your always busy
when I need you here
having your own kids
you have nothing to fear.

My partner 
was all I needed then
we travelled
it didn't matter when.

I find it hard
to meet someone new
I am lost
I only want you.

It is a shame
does anyone understand
having no one 
isn't happy or grand.

Dying alone
may be a blessing for me
then I will live
and set myself free.

A friend on Twitter gave me the inspiration to write about this subject, loneliness in old age, its very hard to pick up the pieces for old folks when they have lost their partner, we all get embroiled in our own life and tend to forget the ones who brought us up and made us what we are, please do not forget your mum and dad I know they tend to be proud and will not accept help but force it on them, do not let them feel like the person in my poem, they only have YOU.

Do you know any elderly person in your street? do you speak to them?

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