Tuesday, 1 June 2010


In a World were everyone is at war
a certain few had been taken alive
grouped in huts most of the day
boredom was rife they had to survive.

Gardening was a luxury back then
growing things to eat in clay
tools were scarce they had to make do
once in a while there was a foray.

Trying to escape most of the time
was the ambition for most of the guys
trying to be crafty but showing no signs
keeping the enemy uninformed by surprise.

Then one day an idea was born
the huts were alight with glee
for certain soldiers very soon
they would hopefully be free.

Tunnels were always the way
but were soon found out by the guards
digging so deep were the sun never shone
being wounded by rocks and shards.

This time the men felt good
this was going to be the one
fool-proof they felt this plan was
a way without using a gun.

Many attempts were made
by the enemy to find the source
but the guys were clever this time
and ready to go the course.

Of the thousands who got out that day
only a handful managed to get free
but it was worth it in the end
for their colleagues and everyone to see.

Guess the movie time again folks, pretty easy lol, I am sure everyone will get this one, have a wee attempt, as always all CORRECT answers will be posted last thing, good luck..

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