Tuesday, 29 June 2010


In the street
the children will play
running around
with plenty to say.

Then at night 
the street becomes quiet
except for the gangs
who prefer instigating a riot.

The street 
can be a danger for you
if you are out 
or just cutting through.

People are scared
there's no place to go
every corner a dark one
were trouble may grow.

Taxis won't stop
there's too much to lose
Police are a rarity
fighting crime and abuse.

You carry a phone
but someone may try
to steal it from you
even if you cry.

So be careful out there
when you leave at night
have your wits about you
you may need to fight.

Keep within the light
or phone for a ride
take a personal alarm
keep it at your side.

The World can be terrible
we need to be wise
if you have to walk home
have an element of surprise.

When you are out late at night, especially the ladies we have to be careful, especially when walking home, all sorts roam the streets at night looking for easy targets, be it a gang or a weirdo, there are always people out there itching for trouble, be careful folks, The streets are not as safe as they used to be, with Government cuts there is not as man7y Police on our streets as there used to be.


Have you had to walk home late at night from somewhere, maybe a party or visiting friends>? do you keep protected?

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