Friday, 4 June 2010


When disaster strikes it is sad
especially when its man made
the anguish it leaves behind
leaves us all afraid..

Needless death of any species
saddens the hardest heart
trying to get back to normal
hopeless from the start.

Dolphins, turtles and others
have died in treacherous seas
tragically being man made
doesnt come with ease.

Things are slowly being sone
to clean up all the mess
but is it really fast enough?
has it been adressed?

Money as always plays a huge game
in this tragic of affairs
WE care about the creatures
we give them our prayers.

Plug up that pipe in urgency
before it kills more life
it is critical to get a move on
dont just twist the knife.

Its all very well worrying
but action is needed TODAY
to the millions of volunteers helping
we thank you thats all we can say.

The tragedy of the oil spil is reaching crisis levels, it breaks your heart to see all the poor sea creatures dying from this disaster, yet another man made disaster. I bow to the people who are trying like mad to save the sea creatures, you all have hearts of Gold, to the big money Corporate leaders, how can you sleep at night?

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