Tuesday, 15 June 2010


When we are born
we start to pay
grow up knowing
along the way.

Go to school
educated by the state
you either learn
or procreate!

Leave school
go further to learn
fall in love
or perhaps yearn.

Start a job
pay your way
meet a partner and marry
buy a house and stay.

Create a family
bring them up right
to be generous
try not to fight.

You retire from your job
plan your expiring time
relax and love life
still in your prime.

Grow old gracefully
reflect on times past
wonder about your life
and how it was fast.

Pass on eventually
live your life over again
meet your dear loved ones
you knew way back then.

From the day you are born
time expires so fast
live your life to the fullest
because it will not last.

We are structured from the day we are born, they say your life is mapped out for you and I am beginning to think they are right, have a look at your life, what you can remember and tell me if the above isnt how you envisage it?

Is the above poem the way YOUR life is going??? what is different for you?

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