Saturday, 12 June 2010


When you awake
you feel refreshed 
sleep is important
your brain must rest.

When you stretch
your muscles breathe
ready to face the day
alive, relieved.

Washing your body
makes you clean
invigorates your senses
of past days been.

When you hug 
you feel alive
people care for you
for love we strive.

Crying  sometimes
means you are real
senses alive
you can feel.

Your more of a man
when you can relate
to the needs of a human
you seal their fate.

Helping a friend
when they need you
can often be priceless
when they are blue.

Raising your children
to be generous is good
help the starving
feed them food.

Crime doesn't pay
so they say
in the end you are caught
maybe not today.

Be who you are
do not imitate others
share the wealth
look after your brothers.

I decided today to write a little mixture of rhyming stanza's, as we go through our daily life, some maybe all of the above will affect one or many people, have a wonderful day of peace :)

What do you want from life????

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