Wednesday, 23 June 2010


They get up at the crack of Dawn
have a cracker and a glass of water
a quick shower and then they are off
to run for miles like the oughta.

It doesn't matter if its rain or shine
if their muscles are tight or sore
they cannot wait any longer
to start running out the door.

Puffing and panting along
music ringing in their ears
sweat dripping down all orifices
as if they were in floods of tears.

The jog suit soaked right through
hoping no dogs in their path
if anyone tries to stop them
you may erupt their wrath.

When the exercise is over
into the shower they dive
smoking 2 cigarettes along the way
smiling .happy to be alive.

God bless the joggers, up every morning, running at a pace faster than a speeding bullet, getting the  excercise and perfect body they long for, I am not being funny lol, but some of the guys I know do all this then go on a beer binge with ciggies and lots of food? so what is the point lol, an observation, please do not think I refer to all joggers in this context, just the ones I know hehe..

Do you go for a daily Jog??

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