Friday, 25 June 2010


Like a bird soaring high in the clouds
you make me free
singing songs from a melody
is sweet for me.

Take this day and enjoy it
savour it well
as the clock dwindles fast
you can never tell.

live for peace in this World
and educate
leave animals in their habitat
to their own fate.

Wash the day away with water
a precious thing
brothers and sisters bring your love
and bells shall ring.

Sleep tonight in restful slumber
with a clear mind
welcome the new day with joy
try to be kind.

Earn your keep in worldly toil
do not depend
feed your family with your spoils
on time you spend.

Hold your head in the clouds
with earned pride
knowing you have made a difference
on the living side.

Things we do on an everyday course of our lives have impact on others, we work we earn, we sleep we rest our brain, we use water, we pay for it and so on, its all part of life, the many things in between we tackle as and when they pop up, but the basics are the same all the time.

What do YOU do to make a difference in this World??

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