Thursday, 17 June 2010


It started with a blast
the scene was set
millions of people waiting
how can we forget.

Hundreds of Nations
poised to start a pact
everyone in harmony
not false or an act.

Excitement adorns our screens
as we sit with pride to view
no matter what the language
its done for me and YOU.

Eleven hungry warriors
clad in uniformed pride
waiting to start the action
enemies put aside.

How can a major campaign
work so well these days
people stop the fighting
high indeed with praise.

A simple thing like sport
takes away aggression and hurt
nations all in harmony
teasing and about to flurt.

So all you countries taking part
be proud for what you achieve
its not about the football
its what we all believe.

The World cup is well under way, Nations have more to worry about now than the economy, war, hatred, they have the prestige of owning the WORLD CUP.
The atmosphere is tense as we cry, scream, celebrate our home Country team, hoping, praying we get through each game.

Do you like the WORLD CUP? do you watch all the games or just your own country?

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