Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Sometimes we feel in awe
of things we do or see
like an artist sketching  pictures
or a hard at work bumble bee.

Life throws you many tasks
some you can do some not
but as humans we will try to please
making sure your never forgot.

As sure as the sun will rise
and another day is born
we can never take things for granted
because soon we would be forlorn

Friendships are gained by meetings
as nature is riled by change
each can become familiar
sometimes becoming strange.

Gathering thoughts are private
you choose whether to share or not
when you do your open to others
causing pain, becoming distraught.

When a writers pen runs dry
or an artists canvas is lost
these things can be re born
no matter the time or cost.

As we go through our daily chores
be thankful for having this time
privacy is a powerful tool
using it isnt a crime.

As writers we have the power
to damn or cause some pain
it may not be hurtful to you
as a flower is to the rain.

We write for the World to see
its their privilege to read  or pass by
the written word is powerful
don't use it to make people cry.

I read hundreds of blogs on my daily roam through Goggle Reader, all my friends are there, and I try to visit daily if possible, in fact when I don't people worry about me lol because I am always there, I branched out recently and visited a few blogs on google, its always nice to venture away and read NEW blogs,especially when I am PROMOTING them, alas a majority of them were just being used to voice opinions rather than use it for writing, yes we are all entitled to our opinions its our right, but what we do not have the right to do is  spew verbal diarrhoea incriminating people for childish reasons, blogs are special, we create an ambiance of readers we know and love, just be careful folks when you happen on to a blog and read utter nonsense, hurtful idiotic insignificances.

Have you read one of these blogs? what experience did you gain?

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