Wednesday, 30 June 2010


He was born to the devil himself
had the mark on his head
he was angelic when he awoke
in time he would make people dead.

Growing up he was no normal boy
he made things happen for fun
no matter were the boys would go
he knew they could not run.

His Father a diplomat
worked away from home
while the mother stayed with her child
they once were based in Rome.

Things would start to happen
none of them for the good
the boy was always right there
bad things happened with his mood.

Then they finally realized
but by then it was too late
the boy had survived his parents
they had sealed their fate.

Guess the movie time again folks, this is very easy, good luck and as per normal the winners will be announced later :)

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


In the street
the children will play
running around
with plenty to say.

Then at night 
the street becomes quiet
except for the gangs
who prefer instigating a riot.

The street 
can be a danger for you
if you are out 
or just cutting through.

People are scared
there's no place to go
every corner a dark one
were trouble may grow.

Taxis won't stop
there's too much to lose
Police are a rarity
fighting crime and abuse.

You carry a phone
but someone may try
to steal it from you
even if you cry.

So be careful out there
when you leave at night
have your wits about you
you may need to fight.

Keep within the light
or phone for a ride
take a personal alarm
keep it at your side.

The World can be terrible
we need to be wise
if you have to walk home
have an element of surprise.

When you are out late at night, especially the ladies we have to be careful, especially when walking home, all sorts roam the streets at night looking for easy targets, be it a gang or a weirdo, there are always people out there itching for trouble, be careful folks, The streets are not as safe as they used to be, with Government cuts there is not as man7y Police on our streets as there used to be.


Have you had to walk home late at night from somewhere, maybe a party or visiting friends>? do you keep protected?

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Monday, 28 June 2010


He stands over the hot iron
pressing all his shirts
the sweat overcoming him
steam coming in squirts.

The shirts must be perfect
the sleeves have a crease
and after putting too many on
he will retreat in peace.

When it comes to the trousers
the pain starts to come
creases going everywhere
running off in fun.

Finally the job is done
as he steps back to view his work
if someone had been looking in the window
he would have looked a Burk.

When you live on your own
these jobs have to be done
you dread the very thought of it
you would rather have more fun.

So for all you lovely ladies
who do these chores each day
I applaud and bow my head to you
that's all that I can say.

Every Sunday evenin I dread it, getting the old Ironing board out to press my shirts and trousers for work on Monday, when I was married I still did my own clothes but its a chore I would rather not do lol, some ladies love ironing while others don't I would be surprised if any guy liked doing it but it will be interesting to find out,

Girls do YOU do all the ironing or pressing at home, or does your hubby or partner do it?


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Sunday, 27 June 2010


Discharged from an unwanted war
returning to see his friend
for this man the times had changed
coming here could be his end.

Arriving in a small populated Town
finding out his friend had died
all he wanted was a place to stay
no matter how hard he tried.

Met by a biased cop
too big for his boots and badge
he took him for a vagrant
he thought he was there to cadge.

But the guy came back to Town
and was arrested for not passing through
handcuffed and beaten badly
by a twisted Police crew.

He had to fight back
taking on the cops one by one
he escaped the jail and ran
into the midday sun.

Deep into the forest
he was chased by the raging guys
the forest would be his safety
an element of surprise.

Soon it became a bloodbath
cops were dropping like flies
they had to call in the cadets
after failing to catch their prize.

Death and destruction followed
it was too late for the Town
eventually the guy gave up
as the Sheriff gave a frown.

Guess the movie time again folks, I think this one is easy, go on have a go, as per usual all correct entries will be posted later today, enjoy :)

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Saturday, 26 June 2010


He sits on his well used chair
looking out the window each day
pleased with his life or existence
having nothing positive to say.

Called before the dole each week
to sign on for his welfare cheque.
turning up his nose to jobs
having the attitude of "what the heck"

Never worked a day in his life
sent on training but not lasting long
having excuses on why he can't go
ignorant if its right or wrong.

Knowing full well there is work
he deliberately sabotages his chance
to make something of his life
being stubborn by taking a stance.

Self respect is an alien word
as he accepts his weekly cash
not realising his friends all tease him
"get a job, give it a bash"

Still he sits back and argues his case
there is no work out there for me
yes the Government make it easy
for all the World to see.

There is a lot of people out there who can work but won't, for some reason they feel they cannot find work, but if they really try harder it is there. I was out of work for 6 months, this was the first since I left school, it drove me crazy, I was delighted when I found my current job, but that was with attending many interviews, looking on job sites and having an agency looking for me.
I am not dissing the genuine people who cannot find work for various reasons this is dedicated to those who simply do not want to work, I cannot imagine that life, but some people seem to thrive on it .

What would you be like if you did not work???

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Friday, 25 June 2010


Like a bird soaring high in the clouds
you make me free
singing songs from a melody
is sweet for me.

Take this day and enjoy it
savour it well
as the clock dwindles fast
you can never tell.

live for peace in this World
and educate
leave animals in their habitat
to their own fate.

Wash the day away with water
a precious thing
brothers and sisters bring your love
and bells shall ring.

Sleep tonight in restful slumber
with a clear mind
welcome the new day with joy
try to be kind.

Earn your keep in worldly toil
do not depend
feed your family with your spoils
on time you spend.

Hold your head in the clouds
with earned pride
knowing you have made a difference
on the living side.

Things we do on an everyday course of our lives have impact on others, we work we earn, we sleep we rest our brain, we use water, we pay for it and so on, its all part of life, the many things in between we tackle as and when they pop up, but the basics are the same all the time.

What do YOU do to make a difference in this World??

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Thursday, 24 June 2010


It was a novelty at first
being a mom at an early age
she got over all the chastising
her parents inner rage.

But now she had this baby
living proof of her lapsed life
at fourteen she could not marry
be a partner or a wife.

The boy was one year younger
no protection was used that night
and since that time she told him
they split up after a fight.

All alone with her baby
feeling pressures so early in life
living off the state and homeless
no bread to cut with her knife.

At night she would lay and cry
out screamed by her new born baby
thinking of her friends at school
all the options then and maybe.

Education could have helped
had she paid attention at school
her friends sat up and listened
yes they were nobody's fool.

So alone she must face the facts
a single mother in a b and b
her family have disowned her for sure
for all the World to see.

Yes her baby is beautiful and cute
but she cannot look after her well
trapped in a life of Motherhood
we will see, time will tell.


A well known fact, Mothers are becoming younger and younger, we cannot always blame the Education system, the help is there, one silly night of passion at an early age can destroy a young girls life, yes it takes two to tango, we all know the rights and wrongs but guys are to blame as much as the girl, wear protection, it is easy to get hold of and if you are going to have sex be safe, don't add to the rising statistics, live your life girls, be a woman when the time comes, get your education and career..

Do you know anyone who had a child at a very early age??

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


They get up at the crack of Dawn
have a cracker and a glass of water
a quick shower and then they are off
to run for miles like the oughta.

It doesn't matter if its rain or shine
if their muscles are tight or sore
they cannot wait any longer
to start running out the door.

Puffing and panting along
music ringing in their ears
sweat dripping down all orifices
as if they were in floods of tears.

The jog suit soaked right through
hoping no dogs in their path
if anyone tries to stop them
you may erupt their wrath.

When the exercise is over
into the shower they dive
smoking 2 cigarettes along the way
smiling .happy to be alive.

God bless the joggers, up every morning, running at a pace faster than a speeding bullet, getting the  excercise and perfect body they long for, I am not being funny lol, but some of the guys I know do all this then go on a beer binge with ciggies and lots of food? so what is the point lol, an observation, please do not think I refer to all joggers in this context, just the ones I know hehe..

Do you go for a daily Jog??

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