Friday, 28 May 2010


Family Friday is special, why? because it was created by my friend Amy and her friend Lori Peterson, Family means  a lot, needless to say there are all sorts of families, families who stay in touch, families who are estranged, and families who get along just for the sake of it.

Memories of the old days dictate family meant a lot, take for example in the days when family all stayed together under one roof, many cultures still do this today but not many, why? because we as British people like to fly the nest and go it alone, yes family are special but we go forth and multiply lol, we create our own family as an extension of our blood family, and so it grows, we all like our own space so we get married have our own family and buy our own homes, very rarely do families here in the UK stay together under the one roof, imagine the size of house we would need lol getting under each others feet day in day out.

But in saying we like our own space we also like our family around us, luckily we have family in the same country, some do not, some siblings move away to another country, this is when it becomes more difficult to see them, yes we may go on vacation to visit them, but they are not a car ride away so we miss them even more.

I am fond of everybody loves Raymond, an American sit com, you have Raymond and his family then you have his mom ,dad, and brother live across the street from them, they all get long, in and out each others houses, it gives them a sense of belonging, a sense that they are always there for each other and that is a good way of being close.

I do not think anyone would be too concerned living this way, I know I would, family is important, family are special, make the most of them and  appreciate what you have.

Do you have family near you? how do you manage your relationship with them?

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