Monday, 31 May 2010


Birds sing gleefully
in well covered trees
the sun shines as bright 
as a torch on full power
the heat is scorching ]
through the 
double glazed windows
as if it had its own 
central heating system.

The walk is glorious
feeling the sun bite into
your bare skin
making its mark in scarlet red
the air is fresh, distant perfumes
enter your nose
leaving beauty.

flowers pert and tall
dominate rows and rows of
well cultivated gardens
far away from the hustle
and bustle of a busy village. 

Children scream in awe
as they jump up and down
with glee whilst still
clutching on to their moms hand
knowing before long they will be
having fun in an adventure playground
or building sand castles on a beach.

Dogs run, catching various objects
returning them to their master
hoping to get a tasty reward for being good
they sit there, patient,panting
in the midday sun.

Planes fly overhead , screeching fast
as it leaves its traces of smoke
like an artist sketching his first line
to make it a masterpiece.
Endless white lines embossed in a huge canvas
that is the sky.

Never ending heat,humans being basted
like a chicken on Christmas day
rubbing endless gallons of cream
on their bodies
to save being burned.

Summer is a time for happiness
the sun makes you smile
everyone is outdoors
it seems to last forever.

It is true, the sun does make you smile, it makes everyone feel good, Summer is a fantastic time when everyone is outdoors, either tanning, or swimming ,its a delight to watch, people love the sun.

Do you like the sun? what do YOU do??

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