Sunday, 23 May 2010


When a man is hungry he forages for food
he will search until he becomes sustained
when an animal fears for his life each day
he will cower until he is strained.

When the sun shines too much each and every day
it will go down and there will be cool
when a clown performs a show to make us laugh
he wont be happy until he's a fool.

When the water drys up in a natural lake
it will rain to be filled up again
when a mother gives birth to a new born child
until he is safe she will always remain.

When a bird sings sweetly on a leafless tree
we know the leaves will grow in spring
when the moon shines bright in the hue built sky
the wolves will howl and sing.

When Earth is put under tremendous strain
Mother nature will take her course
as the ozone layer burns away in time
other fuels we must burn at source.

When animals are threatened in their natural habitat
we must try to save them from man
when humankind is loveless uncaring or evil
show love towards them if you can.

When someone is drowning we try to save them
its all we can do to be kind
so remember when your neighbour is cold and hungry
spare some food, all you can find.

There are still some people whom we can depend
in a world so selfish and cruel
people who love their fellow man
are humane and never a fool.

A little about life and how we see it from time to time...

Do you sometimes wonder what will be??

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