Friday, 21 May 2010


What is a family
they are there for you
care for and cherish
always remain true.

What is a family
when the time dictates
they all come together
even when in different states.

What is a family
its a time to share
show your feelings
tell them you care.

What is a family
you all grow together
weather all storms
at the end of your tether.

What is a family
share good news and bad
go see your mom
fish with your dad.

What is a family
at the end of the day
a group of loving people
who all have a say.

What is a family
when you can recall
they were there for you
when you had a fall.

What is a family
when its incomplete
without a member
an empty seat.

What is a family
without its charms
go on hug them
with both of your arms.

Welcome to Amy and The Petersons Family Friday, always a special day run by two special people, Today I decided to write about the essence of a family and what it can mean to us. Please visit the other entries, Family friday rocks.

What does Family mean to YOU?

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