Thursday, 27 May 2010


We all take for granted 
things we love
like the power to see
or the good Lord above.

But when it all goes wrong 
as it often can
like jumping out the fire
into the frying pan.

What do we do?
how do we react?
do we wait for the moment?
or just face the fact?

Being patient is a trait
hardly anyone has
we are always in a hurry
trying to find that greener grass.

Nudging  people out of our way
just to get to were we want
never being sorry for what we do
or  fearing your conscience would haunt.

Making examples is our goal
as we cross our daily paths
we don't care about our neighbours
or worrying about their wrath's.

So think about this each day
as you stand on another soul
try to empathize with the lowly
aim for learning another goal.

Rush rush and rush, thats all I see around me daily, people pushing at each other, cars beeping to get moving faster, everyone is under one massive CLOCK, the saying is time waits for no man, and it is true, but stop, look around, watch people going about their daily chores and just see what I am talkign about in tis poem is true, we all rush, we are all governed by time, its crazy :)

Are you a rusher? or do u take it nice and cool?

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