Monday, 10 May 2010


What can you do to relieve
the pain she feels inside?
why does this lady suffer
which slides away her pride.

What happens to a flower
when it loses its perfume?
what is the point of furniture
in a well stocked room.
Why do the good always suffer?
when evil lives so free
children should be happy
and living care free.

This lady is a diamond
pure and loved by all
maybe that's why she suffers
to rise and then to fall.
Maybe in a short while
a cure will be found for you
to have you smiling endlessly
to live your life right through.
The pain and suffering you endure
is burdened not just by you
your in the hearts of so many dear
so much love you just accrue.

I wrote this poem for a friend a while ago, she was suffering with pain due to various illnesses and  she never seemed to get over it, it was one thing after the other, some people are destined to go through life this way and it is sad.

Do you know anyone who suffers with daily pain? and how do they cope??

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  1. yeah, i know quite a few is interesting the differing reactions. some use it as an excuse to do nothing, while others use it as a motivator...nicely played william.

  2. That is sad. And, it seems so unfair.

  3. Yes, it is sad Billy, this poem reminds me of another friend of mine and yours. You will know who I am talking about. Great write.

  4. dear william,
    you are a very caring and wonderful friend. thats what shows itself prominently in this poem.
    hope she is alright now. its sad but the goods suffer more. may be because thats how God keeps them close to Her, after all we tend to forget God when we are happy.
    sharmishtha (trisha)

  5. magical words,
    your shine!

    thank you for caring those who need help,
    you smart and deserve the best!

  6. a lovely poem william, though sad .I can feel your empathy towards this person.well delivered sir.

  7. thanks a million friends :)

  8. I do have quite a few friends and family members that can relate to your words. I think they all just do the best they can. They think of those that are worst off than them, and they feel a bit better about things. :)

  9. that is very touching ... I hope your friend is doing well and its very nice of you to write a poem about her feelings...
    beautiful write...

  10. "Into every life a little rain will fall" - and then some just get the deluge...

    Thoughtfully written about the strain of inner pain

  11. What a lovely gesture to your friend.
    We are all very blessed to have you for a friend, William.
    You are such a SWEETHEART!
    Bdw, I used to feel like that too but I never wonder why as
    I know this is my life path..but things can be so much more terrible, right?

  12. yes..I know of many...each copes in their own way...and some can not cope at all...they are tortured...all in different ways...most say the emotional is worse..but I think pain is pain ...I always ask Why...I know there is not a reason...but I still ask

  13. What a beautiful poem I know it had to make her day and smile when she received it. I have a friend with a bone disease that has daily pain, I wish I could do something to ease her pain but nothing seems to help.

  14. @Sh@KiR@ CK
    and look at u now, a VERY happy Lady xx

  15. A lovely post, William. My Nana used to suffer daily until she passed a few years ago. I guess she no longer needs the constant medication.

    CJ xx

  16. This is a very interesting and powerful post. I think that many people go through different pains in their life. It can be hard on someone. I think if you are there for that person and give support that does help. I just try to listen and see when I can help out..

    I am sad to leave my Mom so I know I will have tears and pain but will be fine a day after I get home..


    very kind intention of yours.
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. so full of whys.
    This part jumped out at me:

    "Why do the good always suffer?
    when evil lives so free
    children should be happy
    and living care free."
    Have a great day!


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