Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Joey sat in the chair he called home
watching the world go by
at ten years old he had a bad start
his legs wouldn't move, how he'd try.

His mom was a working lady
she had to make ends meet
she didn't work hard at anything
she simply would walk the street.

Joey was left alone at night
dreaming of what life could be
all he saw was a window
and outside this great big tree.

He imagined climbing to the top
and shouting with all of his might
hey you down there look at me
I got here with a massive fight.

For all his hardship Joey was content
with the way he was meant to be
never complaining always smiling
for everyone he knew to see.

Getting around in his massive wheelchair
was hard for him to adapt
side walks steep, steps to doors
at times he felt so trapped.

Eventually Joeys mom grew tired of him
her time was selfishly used
Joey was twelve when he was fostered out
at first he blatantly refused.

But he was adopted by a loving family
and treated more like a person
Joey grew up, confident
casting no aspersion.

There are lots of Joeys in this world
who simply want their health
but sadly there are many more
who only think of wealth.

There are millions of disabled people in this World of varying degrees, but it does not make them any different from you and me except they may not get around as well as us, or they may not hear or see as good as us, but they are still flesh and blood the same as us, so they should NEVER be treated any differently.

Do you have any disabled friends? or family

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  1. BRAVO...
    You bring out the BEST in Joey,William!
    I truly enjoy it...very much..

    Jasmine and I were in wheelchairs for awhile..
    Very tough...
    I believe in toughing it out when I still can but yes,
    I do know a few friends whose wheelchair is part of their life,
    but I am proud to say...
    they are some of the BEST and MOST WONDERFUL people
    I have the honor of knowing...
    such graceful people...

    love it , love you!

  2. so true william...oft times they get overlooked or pitied...i have some great friends that are disabled...its all part of who they are...

  3. the poem is awesome , the last stanza wraps up everything .
    well done william ; you're a genius.
    read my thursday poem at
    I'v nominated you for the perfect poet because you're a great poet and you deserve it ( not a give and take hhhhhhhh)

  4. I really like this poem! It should be used to raise awareness and understanding of disability all over the world!

  5. what moving and inspiring poem,
    it takes courage and dedication to live and worry free while disabled...

    But he was adopted by a loving family
    and treated more like a person
    Joey grew up, confident
    casting no aspersion.

    adopted, that's another take,
    double valuable writing!

  6. Thank you for leading the way
    in representing those who are disabled, disadvantaged, or ignored by the main stream society.
    As a poet, you write for better belief,
    which is exceptional impacts!

  7. Wordwand nominated you as week 18 perfect poet award,
    Good for you, you are well deserved!

  8. What a great way to bring awareness to people with disabilities.

  9. You've expressed this so beautifully, william.
    Delightful read :)

    Hugs Marinela x x

  10. I love your words William. Compassion speaks easily from you. I believe all people need to be loved and accepted for who they are in this life. :) Have a great week William.

  11. A poem of good observation and compassion-- nicely done!

  12. You've brought disability to our attention in a marvellous way.

  13. Thanks for the Welcome back it is great to be home..
    What an amazing post. I use to work in that field and it was a lot of work. I really enjoyed it but it was hard work..

    Have a great evening..

  14. Billy this poem is beautiful written with much compassion for Joey, and all disabled people in this World. I can feel for Joey because I too at one time couldn't walk, of course you know my story about how that came about. I sent you a special email, update on Larry.

  15. Another beautiful story brought to life by your amazing words. We have a few amazing friends who have disabilities that they don't let them hold them back at all.

  16. dear william,
    its one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read- loved the way his life took a lovely turn.
    god bless his foster parents.
    happy thursday and namaste,
    trisha (

  17. William, this is a very motivational piece. There are millions of people out there who are going through similar situation, all they need are our encouragements.....May GOD see them through..

    Thanks for all our visits.


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