Tuesday, 18 May 2010


When life seems a dredge
and it stumbles on down
we wear a smile
sometimes a frown
People get broken hearts
it is life at it's best
tears flow endlessly
and are sent to us to test.

The storms gather wildly
it enters our heart and soul
it knows how to grip us
and forget our own goal
We need to let the past go
however hard it seems
torment must evade us
and become history in dreams.
I know the winds will settle
calm will enter your life
engulf you in its power
settle all your strife.
Around you is the love
you certainly deserve
your family are with you
your heart they will preserve.

I wrote this poem for a friend who was having a bad time with a relationship, viola you will know who this was written for, sometimes a friend being there can make all the difference, even when you are hurting :)

Do you give friendly advice? and do people get comfort from it?

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  1. Oh dear..sad but nice...
    well done..
    I hope your friend will be better soon...

  2. i think friends can have those tough conversations when they are needed. you are right though, with friends, adversity seems much easier...

  3. Giving advice is what I do best (I think lol!). This a lovely poem, I hope your friend gets comfort from it!

  4. I try and help out when I can.. I love to have support from friends and love it when someone is there just to listen.. Have a great day.

  5. perfect poem,
    your words match the image,
    it makes people learn and be aware what life has to offer.

    fabulous poem!

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  7. dear william,
    you are a priceless friend. its friends like you that pierce through dark clouds like sunshine.
    hope your friend leaves past behind and sees sunshine soon.

  8. This was the perfect words to express to your friend....It hurts, but it WILL get better!

  9. william this is such a touching and beautiful write... no matter what may be the circumstances our family is always there with us...

  10. Your poem is beautiful Billy. I find we grow stronger during our bad times, and God always carry us through our hurts, sorrows, and disapointments. Not only is God with us through our storms He places people in our lives to love us and help us. I can never praise Him, love Him, or thank Him enough for bringing you into my life. You have truly been a blessing to me and my family, just like you were for our friend who you wrote this poem for. You are not only mine but many people's angel.

  11. awe Vi thank you, I feel the same, u are a rock to me and always will be xxx

  12. Ow so heartfelt. It was lovely!

  13. Oh William how true that is!!!! Having someone to really care and listen is a wonderful thing!!!!! I Thank God for you and all of my friends,you're surely encouraged me!!!!!!
    Love ya :)
    P.S> are you changing your page or is my mind playing tricks on me,I could swear it was beige yesterday lol :) :)

  14. Sweet and hopeful even the broken heart has a happy ending
    you are so thoughtful

  15. I think the true friends are in your life that give you the good advice along with the kick in the butt. I try to be that person that gives advice but is also there to give the help to achieve what the goal is :)

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    many thanks!

  17. Nice poem, caring is the ultimate feel good factor


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