Sunday, 9 May 2010


He was known as the man who amused you
would tell jokes at the drop of a hat
he could talk on any old subject
and could bring you to tears with his chat.

Everyday he was making people laugh
even his facial expressions were great
he didnt have a bad bone in his body
and not one person he met did he hate.

Then one day he came in and was quiet
this was a mystery to all
people asked him if he was ok
he replied "yeah im having a ball"

It was later found out he lost his wife
to a driver as drunk as a skunk
his wife was out shopping that night
never expected to be hit by a drunk.

just like her hubby she was full of life
they loved each other for years
but this had been taken away from them
and had drove this man to tears.

The driver was fined four thousand pounds
and given community service
for taking away a lively life
he didn't even look a bit nervous.

Now this man is alone and bitter
no more laughs or joking around
sad because he was the life of the office
a nice guy, happy, and sound.

Drinking and driving is the ultimate evil
people think they can drive without fears
but alcohol takes its toll on your brain
and usually it ends up in tears.

Sadly this rears its ugly head a lot, and it should always be addressed, sadly people still drink and drive and kill countless innocent people, if u are going out, LEAVE the car keys at home, even one drink can marr your thoughts so better still DO NOT DRINK AT ALL :)

How do you feel about drink driving?

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  1. What an EXCELLENT piece, William!
    So true...
    I am always the designated driver as I do not drink.
    Have you a blessed Sunday,darling!
    love you!

  2. a great poem, it looks funny at the beginning but then it turns out to be sad and tragic-laden.well done.
    thanks for nominating me william , cheers.

  3. Unfortunately it happens very a teen i used to do it....that is one of my regrets that I was 30 years ago but no one has that right....great post....enjoy your day , William

  4. ack. tragic. i have lost several friends this way...that it robs the innocent becuase of ones stupidity...its just no fair...

    you switched you site up again...i so like the old header...smiles.

  5. Drunk driving is a nono to me,
    Thank you for the kind topic,
    I know that quite a few young college kids got themselves killed by drunk driving,
    they die at the age of 22 or younger, what a pain to their parents...
    it is important that we educate kids...

    very beautiful words,
    you are the king in making a poem rhythm,
    what enjoyable time
    to read your work...
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Great job on this one, William!

  7. dear william,
    i am dead against drunk driving or driving when you cant concentrate completely. its unfair for both you and anyone who can come in your path.

    why dont people understand it? a heartbreaking poem.
    with lots of love.

  8. @Brian Miller

    lol thanks mate, yeah so do I :)

  9. @island of peace

    its still an issue, thanks friend :)

  10. its high time people are serious about this drunken driving.
    a relevant topic Mr. william , well said


    Meme participation award
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Wow that is a very strong and amazing post. I do not like drinking and driving and I do not think the laws really do the job..

    Have an amazing Sunday...

  13. Don't get me going. Have had too many friends with chidren now without a parent. Driving is a responsibility we need to take seriously

    Thanks for strong post
    and as always for the kind words on my site
    you are the best

  14. Sad well written poem with a very very important message. I appreciate my read. Thanks for visiting me. Cheers

  15. @lordemmanuel
    thanks for visiting and for your input friend :)

  16. I believe that if you do not drive. Too many people I know have had family members killed or injured because of drunk drivers. I do believe they have a right to drink. I do believe they have a right to drive...BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

  17. This is a great write Billy and on a subject that need to be written about more often. Driking and driving don't mix. It is too late when you take a life.

  18. Wonderful poem! Drinking and driving- a very bad combination. I felt so bad for the poor man left without his wife. This does happen too often. Sad words:

    “just like her hubby she was full of life
    they loved each other for years
    but this had been taken away from them
    and had drove this man to tears.”

    Gerardine xx

  19. I did comment on this but don't know what happen to it. A strong post Billy and a much needed message.

  20. GREAT post, it is a very sad but real thing that happens each day. You would think the awareness of the problem would stop people but so many don't :(.


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