Thursday, 13 May 2010


You watch your children growing up
in a world of uncertainties and fear
you wonder what will become of them
with a life muddy, dangerous, unclear.

You worry when they are children
growing up to be kids who care
all the time you protect them with your shield
making sure they do prepare.

But what if things go horribly wrong
and you cannot believe what they are?
at first it starts with not believing
putting the negatives outside much afar.

You taught them right you did everything
as a parent you gave them ideals
so how did they venture into this life
were you watch them lie or he steals!

Never wanted for anything,
perhaps thats were you went wrong
and this is what they repay you with
a lifestyle delinquently strong.

All you do is worry all night
just waiting for the doorbell to sound
will it be the cops to tell you the news?
that a child has been killed and found.

The butterflies inside your stomach
are playing merrily inside
but reality will one day hit in
and there is nowhere you can hide.

There is nothing you can do I am convinced
you have to go with the flow
but you will never get to rest in peace
until the stage they are at they outgrow.

It is only obvious as parents all we do is worry worry and worry more when our kids are out, what are they doing? are they ok? who are they mixed up with, yes its hard, but we trust them, I am lucky my daughter never gave me any cause for concern, but other parents are not so lucky..

Do you know what your kid is doing when they are out? do you worry about them?

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  1. Ican relate to the theme william, you've depicted accurately what I feel towards my kids and their future.well done.
    see you tomorrow.

  2. i think that is the bane of all parents...and i imagine even when they are grown we wil still have moments o worry...

  3. William as an worrying(Overprotective) mother I apprieicated this more than you can imagine...

  4. If they want to do something, they certainly find a way.
    In my family, nobody smokes, drunk driving, or using drugs...
    Thus I worry less.

    thanks for the excellent questions!

  5. All you do is worry all night
    just waiting for the doorbell to sound
    will it be the cops to tell you the news?
    that a child has been killed and found.

    very vivid image with your words.
    I assume that this will never happen...
    Beautiful poem,
    unforgettable message.

  6. Yaaaay Billy I got here first!! Mum never had a clue what I was up to not that she cared much apart from when she needed carting to bed! lol :) I was a good girl though really. There were many many worse than I

  7. Mine hasn't reached that age, yet, but I dread when she does!

  8. Oh yes I am lucky too..but I work with so many who are not....this is sad but true..and the parents cant always be blamed or held responsible..some parents do very well and still things happen to change the course of their childrens lives...heartbreaking...!

  9. My daughters don't give me any reason to worry about them, but I do anyways. One is Thirty six and one is twenty six, but you know what they say they never get too old for you not to worry about them. But I also worry about my grandkids and I try my best to protect them from all harm. So I guess that I am one of those Mothers who has to have somthing to worry about. LOL Nice poem Billy. I sent you an update on Larry. I will not be on line at all tomorrow.


    welcome nominating fellow poets for April award.
    Many thanks!

  11. Great post. I do not have to worry about that just yet. Mine is only 2 1/2 and she is every place I go pretty much..

  12. i used to be the problem child... hehehe... between me and my brother, i was the one who liked to experiment... :) i can't say i regret being that way then because it has taken me this far and i love where it has taken me... but then again, im lucky, and not many people can say the same... :)

  13. thanks for the nomination and class #1 comments...
    you are very kind
    and I am the lucky one who is blessed to meet you.
    take good care.

  14. I feel so lucky that I was able to be with my kids 24/7 since their birth. It is a challenge to make the right decisions when it comes to children. Discipline is important. I went out of my way to teach...teach...and teach. I am homored to say that my children do me proud. :) I love your poem William. I gave my kids a big hug. :)

  15. I can relate. One of my favorite sayings is that trying to raise a teenager is like trying to nail Jello to a tree.

    -- Jess Killmenow

  16. being a parent is really tough. its just luck i guess. my mom never asked us where we were going- we told her voluntarily where we are going and an approx time when we will be back.

    very thoughtprovoking poem.

  17. My comments are getting tossed back a me, Sorry if this is duplicated.
    “The butterflies inside your stomach
    are playing merrily inside
    but reality will one day hit in
    and there is nowhere you can hide.”

    You captured the fear of all parents perfectly.
    Wonderfully written poem, Hope you are doing well. xx

  18. Beautiful post. Thankfully my boys are young right now and the only place they go is across the street to play :).


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