Saturday, 29 May 2010


What do you do
when things go wrong
you have heard the tune
of the same old song.

You are down on your luck
nothing goes right
no matter what you do
there seems no light.

No one to turn to
your friends all gone
its always night-time
never seeing dawn.

Lost your home
sleeping outside
always the bridesmaid
never the bride!

Begging for food
hand-me-downs a must
not having money
to buy a crust.

Seeing your peers
in their warm home
all you can do 
is get cold and roam.

What had happened
your World was so good
enjoying your luxuries
buying plenty of food.

Cars in the driveway
holidays each year
a huge mortgaged house
never living in fear.

Respected by all
plenty friends around
all a man could hope for
cannot now be re found.

A case of  bad options
credit cards to the max
dodging the bills
and the income tax.

A need to survive
on money never owned
seeing the statements
of cash  I had loaned.

A false sense of security
never realizing my fate
now I am chased
for payments that are late.

No fixed abode
wife and son now long gone
memories of  nightmares
frowned upon.

Be careful with debt
it can leave you destitute
playing around with your destiny
isnt always so cute.

My job is not a pleasant one, day by day we have to call people to pay up on existing debts, mainly credit cards, people like spending money they do not have, and when something goes wrong they cannot pay it back, luckily my company allows people to pay back the debts in small amounts but other companies do not, this is a warning to anyone who has a credit card, be VERY careful with it, think ahead, do not be spendthrift, the above poem is a reality.

Are you careful with money??

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