Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The road can be long
destiny isn't a choice
winning is your goal
so you can rejoice.

Fate deals a hand
you may never choose
for some your a winner
for some you lose.

When you expect 
things to go right
it doesn't always work that way
but sometimes it might.

Choose a path you want to walk
leave the rest to imagination
expect issues to be waiting there
inevitable is frustration.

In the end you may be a winner
but if you are not don't fret
life throws many issues your way
move forward, just forget.

If life was simple
we would all just smile
mask the sorrow
make it all worthwhile.

My policy is
live life for today
take it as it comes
have it your way.

The worry of tomorrow
may never come
live life to the fullest
and have some fun.

Sometimes in life you just have to go with the flow, many people worry about tomorrow or the future, nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you worry too much about the future and forget to live today, my policy has always been to live life each new day that comes.

Do YOU worry about tomorrow? or do you live day by day?

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  1. My Comment

    One of my most favorite songs is "ONE DAY AT A TIME" the other one is "DON'T WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW." I could go on and on but I won't, because I do think I came across nicely with my thoughts on this subject. Life is too short to worry. I love your poem Billy. How is the job going? Also Billy if I missed commenting on any of your new posts today would you send them to me again, I lost some of my emails. Don't ask how, I really don't know. LOL

  2. "Choose a path you want to walk
    leave the rest to imagination"

    Love those words! Hope you are doing well!
    Gerardine xx

  3. Nicely done William - thought provoking. Almost like a roll of the dice

  4. I'm bad I worry about tomorrow often, lately all the time. I wish I could be carefree just not in my make up ;(

  5. I LOVE THIS POEM...very well thought of and so well written as always. I love the WISDOM in this, WELL DONE, William!

    My dear William,

    Tara started a new game and I am TAGGING YOU.. please go to Wordy Wednesday @Tara Miller Writes to write the next 1-3 lines to a story yet told! Once you have done that, please TAG others too. Happy Thursday. hugs shakira

  6. Wise words that I so needed to hear. Seems like you A wonderful poem, thank you xx

  7. You raise a vital point here. I totally agree with your advice.

    By the way, I tried several times to post a comment last night but it wouldn't let me. Hope any problems are sorted out now.

  8. I felt as though u were talking to me directly. Thank u 4 the talk! IS


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