Monday, 26 April 2010


The holiday is over
its time to earn a crust
the days were sweet and lovely
but work is a necesity and must.

We love the time we have
doing what we please
especially when its summer time
when the sun comes out to tease.

But the sun doesnt pay your rent
or put food on the table
or pay the bills mounting up
you wish they were a fable.

Trying to live of what you have
isn't easy thats a fact
the savings soon dwindle
the money you had backed.

You also lose your self esteem
having worked most of your life
being out of work is not a joke
it causes pain and strife.

To once again hold your head
high in its rightful place
means you can get on with life
proud and without disgrace.

So do not let your hopes fade
someday it will happen to you
even though now you may feel desperate
or even feel so blue.

There is work there if you look for it
patience plays a vital role
get on your glad rags go for it
make it your daily goal.

To be back at work is feelgood time
I will enjoy my brand new day
but the most important thing for me
is having a decent pay.

When I moved down to England to be with family I left my job back in Edinburgh, having Years of experience in my field I thought it would be easy to find another job, uhu wrong, no matter how much experience you have there are another hundred people with MORE experience than you, Employers can pick and choose, so you have to be right in there, be confident, be forceful, let them know YOU are the right person for the job, thats what I did and was succesful.

Have you ever waited a long time to get a job? the latest I have is 6 months, which feels like a lifetime :)

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1 comment:

  1. I waited for eleven months then found a job in a different field. I should have waited six months more - if I knew then what I know now. Heavy sigh!

    Good luck with your new job!
    Gerardine xx


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