Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Rain falls softly
against the window pane
clouds coloured black
as little light remains.

Sun shadowy,
peeking through netted vales.
Boats floating endlessly
naked without sails.

Trees moving gently
leaves falling down
curled and lifeless
aged and brown.

Weed filled streets
saturated with rain
lifeless and waterlogged
rushing down the drain.

Lamp posts dimly lit
threatened with the dark
Empty and forlorn are
the avenues and park.

Moments ago this place was alive
children playing, voices loud,
birds feeding to survive
views from a window
encourages my brain
why it enchants me
I cannot explain.

This poem is about day dreaming, often we sit, look into space and wonder what we are doing, it is like your mind wanders aimlessly and you picture everything around you in a different light, capture what you see in the written word.

What views do YOU get from YOUR window and what dreams do you imagine??

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